Wyndham Worldwide in Las Vegas, Nevada - Time travel Vacations are Timeshare Frauds!

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What started out as a great way to take a vacation anywhere in the world has ended up being a big disappointment. We bought this timeshare March 2016 and I have never used it.

We have found out that the timeshare cost a lot more than vacation we could book ourselves. On the last day of our vacation in Las Vegas someone stopped and invited us in to a presentation about getting free trips back for so many days we thought it wouldn't take long but it ate up the last afternoon of our stay. They told us about all the places we could go in the world not just the u.s.! The sales rep leveraged our kids and grandchildren and how we would have lasting memories.

They showed us all the amenities at the hotel's Pool Spas. The timeshare was close to things we really wanted to do like golf. At the end of the presentation and before we went into sign there was champagne. The signing was rushed and confusing and the sales rep kept putting documents in front of us to initial and sign and we just kept initially inside it was a mind-blowing day so much was going on so much information to process Aaron Lee Johnson was the presenter and Renee Baldwin our sales rep.

The big savings on the vacation is a lie. We haven't used this and so far for us and it was a big waste of money. The point about using the timeshare as a tax write-off? Not true easy to book a vacation online?

Not true either we tried to get in to use the site and we got an error message that said they didn't even recognize our email address. They told us the timeshare would increase in value because it's real estate and of course in Las Vegas that's not true. You can look online and find owners wanting to get rid of their timeshares for pennies on the dollar. We called to see if anybody could help us sell it as a sales rep told us they would get back to us a promise but no call of anybody ever getting back to us.

The presentation was confusing all the information we listen to. We ask questions of course but they were only partially answered. Sometimes there was no answer at all but a returning question for us to answer. The sales reps put a lot of pressure on us to buy right then and there.

Why wouldn't we want to do this for ourselves? We work so hard! It would be a fantastic trip for a 25th anniversary! These arguments lured Us in that we were so hopeful about our travels in the future.

One one slap was the extra fees we had to pay there was a fee of $245 to be sent in 60 days so we would have receive additional points we didn't know about the extra fees.. that wasn't free.. that was a purchase the sales reps worked and underhanded ways and the timeshare they promised was not delivered to us we want this canceled we wanted our money refunded and no one has gotten back to us. We have wrote the Attorney General of Nevada Wyndham Resorts loans to stop payment to get refunds with no help all they want is all their money and here we are we can't even use it!

Don't want it, I would never get involved with Wyndham timeshares if I were you.. tge fees and payments just keep coming.

Fradulant undethanded ways of getting all your money and savings!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wyndham Hotels And Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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